You've gotten the invitation to the party,
but now comes the tough question—whatever will you wear?!

Essential Information

The Glamorous Life

The tough question—whatever will you wear?!

November 11, 2011 7:30PM
November 12, 2011 2pm

OBERON in Harvard Square

$25 General Admission
$12 Students/Seniors


Jean-Marie Leclair:
Chaconne from Récréation de musique in G Minor, Op. 8
Marc-Antoine Charpentier:
Circé Suite
Marc-Antoine Charpentier:
Les Plaisirs de Versailles


Teresa Wakim, La Conversation
Brenna Wells, La Musique
Marc Molomot, Le Jeu
Douglas Williams, Comus


King Louis XIV was very fond of his “humble” abode in Versailles and designed certain rooms for the pure purpose of Pleasure. Charpentier’s divertissement, Les Plaisirs de Versailles, was most likely written for the king's entertainment on any night of the week. The evening ends like every good party does, with one last dance- the plangent, lugubrious Chaconne from Leclair’s Recreation de Musique Op.8 in g minor. Its final notes are the perfect finish to an evening that started out very simply- a little music, a little conversation.